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This is a 3-4 week project to create new names for brands or companies.

We use a variety of ideational techniques to create a selection of candidate names. The goal is to express your marketing and communications objectives with vigor and clarity. Names are pre-screened for availability as a corporation or brand name. We also report on multilingual suitability.

Our project team includes language researchers, who deals with the etymology of building-block words related to the assignment; linguists, who deal with the structure and appropriateness of new names; and wordsmiths, who assist in the shaping and polishing of new names.

Some of the names we've created:

  • Trueste (perfume for Tiffany)
  • Premio (leading maker of Italian sausages)
  • Ceridian (new manufacturing ingredient for the building trade)
  • Second Nature (renewable energy program for Alliant Energy)
  • Quantra Corp. (merger of 4 financial software firms)
  • Evaliant (web-based media firm)
  • MegaDrops (household adhesive)

Clients include Alliant Energy, AquaGlass Corp., Biosense/J&J, Celgene, Clairol, Georgia-Pacific, IdeaVillage, Kraft Foods, Lenzing AG (Austria), Pfizer, MasterCard, Premio Foods, Sea Containers, Seagram, 3M, Tiffany & Co., Zorlu Textiles (Turkey).



Contact: Steve Rivkin, phone 201-670-1370, fax 201-670-1265, e-mail: steve@rivkin.net

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